Why choose EDS?

You don’t have to be Episcopalian to be a part of our community. What unites us is our desire to raise dynamic kids with a strong moral compass. What defines us is our quest to discover how we are each uniquely called to serve the world.

As an Episcopal school, we are grounded in our faith and believe it finds its truest fulfillment in the many ways in which we show love, compassion, and empathy for one another. We proclaim and celebrate the dignity and worth of every human being as a creation of a loving God—demonstrating care, respecting differences and seeking understanding.  In fact, we view the contributions of children and families of other faith traditions as a source of richness and strength. At the same time, we do not shy away from our Christian heritage. With Jesus Christ as our center, and by his grace, we seek to live lives of wisdom, love, and service for God’s glory. Our worship, grounded in those same Episcopal traditions, invites praise, inspires prayer, encourages reflection, and sends us each out to love and serve the Lord in our own way.


Our K–8 Structure

Research is very clear about the benefits to students in a K through 8th grade structure. The positioning of middle schoolers, especially 8th graders, as leaders within their school builds confidence, self-esteem, emotional safety, and more positive attitudes towards school. The lack of a school transition in K-8 schools as students move from elementary to middle school reduces the impact of that anxiety-riddled disruption. Not surprisingly, students from K-8 environments have better outcomes in 9th grade compared to their peers from traditional middle schools or junior highs, including higher scores in reading and math (American Educational Research Journal, Sept 15, 2016). We also see this kind of success in the fact that 53 EDS graduates have gone on to be the Valedictorian or Salutatorian at their first choice high schools in the past 20 years!



Our Program

Two things are at the heart of what we do: the individual student and the EDS community.

Our small classes allow our nurturing faculty to know each child well, to understand their interests, and design instruction that inspires and engages. We build relationships with students and parents; provide unique and engaging, hands-on experiences; and seek to challenge and support each child to make the most of his or her God-given talents. Through the building of community, we see beyond ourselves and embrace our responsibilities to serve the greater good. Contact Karen Lilly to schedule a tour to see for yourself.


“But how can I afford it?”

Once you get to know us, you might just be asking, “How can I afford not to provide this opportunity for my child?” There is no more important investment we make as parents than the quality of the education we can provide our children—especially during these formative years. At the same time, we understand the financial realities many families face. Part of our Episcopal Identity compels us to work to make an EDS education as accessible as possible. Through the support of the church, donors, our endowment, the Georgia GOAL program, scholarships, and traditional financial aid, we are a lot more affordable than you might imagine. Contact Karen Lilly to have a confidential conversation about what you might expect to pay.

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