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Episcopal Day School's Phase One of Campus Master Plan Complete

Episcopal Day School (EDS) announces Phase One of its Campus Master Plan is complete through its back playground renovation. 

EDS has been mindful of its renovation plan through careful consideration with its neighbors and city commission. The Planning and Design Committee ensured proper materials were used in all playground and recreation equipment, and sourced local general contractors at RW Allen to oversee the project.

EDS considers the renovation a major move in recreation construction, using top quality Mondo surfaces (often used in Olympic track & field facilities) for the Barfield Courts, and recycled materials within the Barton Playground equipment fall zones. The artificial turf field in the Trustee Commons, the first of its kind in Richmond County, is an efficient utilization of city resources, as it does not require irrigation. The drainage and underground water-shed systems were rebuilt, which the EDS neighbors appreciate. In addition, this campus improvement significantly reduces the school’s carbon footprint by adding over 50 trees (many of which are full-grown) and several hundred other oxygen producing plants.

EDS Headmaster, Dr. Ned Murray, says, "This project represents the first phase of a Strategic Master Plan that reflects EDS’s response to a rapidly changing world, and is part of our campus that will support our students and teachers in building lives of meaning and purpose. In addition to the most comprehensive academic program in the region, we are committed to helping our students develop the social, emotional, spiritual, and physical capacities they will need to successfully navigate their futures."

While it serves students enrolled in the school on a daily basis, students who are not enrolled have the opportunity to enjoy the play space through after school enrichment classes and summer camps.

Dennis Trotter, Co-Chair of the Planning and Design Committee, says, "The quality of this project and attention to detail is impressive. Students will love the new field and basketball courts, and everyone will appreciate how much better it makes the playground look.”

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