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The Process: Ten Years & Counting

January/February 2016: Inspiration and Design Drivers

WONDER, by Design held a series of faculty, student, and parent workshops where they learned the “language” that defines EDS and will drive the Flowing Wells Campus design process. WONDER created a revised master plan that places community and faith at the physical center of the property, and balances the relationships between athletics, academics, and faith.

November 2015: Final Stages Begin

Wonder by Design is officially signed and work begins on design process that will decide programs, usage, and function of buildings, fields, and outdoor spaces on the Flowing Wells Campus.

August 2015: New School Year, New Playground

EDS holds ribbon cutting ceremony, opening the beautiful Barton Playground, Barfield Courts, and Trustee Commons.  As school begins, recess dynamics completely change and students from 3 years old through 8th grade enjoy every aspect of the new space.

Spring 2015: Breaking New Ground

RW Allen breaks ground and the entire student and faculty body gather for an historic photograph documenting the occasion.

EDS engages CapDev consulting group to reassess fundraising efforts as attention turns back to the Flowing Wells Campus project.

Fall 2013: Trustees Make Major Commitment    

After thoughtful consideration and recommendations from the Planning and Design Committee, the Board of Trustees decided to focus on renovating the EDS playground before investing in the Flowing Wells Campus.  Each Trustee made a gift/pledge to the project, and with a handful of additional generous gifts, over $800,000 was raised to fund the project.

Summer 2013:  Making Decisions

In April, after a series of meetings with constituent groups, Lockerbie and Jenkins presented three different renderings of the Flowing Wells Road property, as well as a Walton Way campus master plan that included playground improvements, fine arts spaces, and outdoor performance areas.

In June, they returned with a set of fine-tuned renderings that took into account suggestions made by faculty, students, parents, and Trustees.

2013: Assembling the Team

The EDS Board of Trustees selected Don Lockerbie, CEO of Olympvs International, to lead the master planning and design process. John Jenkins, VP and Manager of Land Planning and Design with Stewart, Inc., was charged with putting concepts to paper for Flowing Wells Road. Finally, D. Bruce Lockerbie was selected to guide the cultivation and fundraising needed to bring the vision to life.

The Planning and Design Committee was also selected by the Board of Trustees as a representative group empowered with the responsibility of making knowledgeable, informed decisions about the planning and design phases of the construction process.

2012: Securing the Perfect Parcel

December 15, 2012: 28.5 Acres of woodlands, wetlands, and open spaces on Flowing Wells Road was purchased for 1.2 million dollars.  

2007-2012: The Search

Land acquisition team explored over 100 pieces of potential property in the CSRA.  

2002-2007: Plan for the Future

2002: Episcopal Day School began a thorough process of self-evaluation and strategic planning for the 21st century. Through a guided process spanning four years, the school addressed the questions: Where are we? Where do we want to go? How will we get there?

2007: A new Strategic Plan was voted upon and unanimously approved by the EDS Board of Trustees. A primary objective of the plan was, “To ensure that the campus and facilities adequately serve the people and programs of Episcopal Day School.” Two strategies for reaching that objective were 1) Design an architectural footprint for potential building enhancement and expansion, and 2) Identify land and facilities priorities, starting with athletic facilities, and analyze opportunities.

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