Board of Trustees

We thank our dedicated Board of Trustees for their valued service to our school. The purpose of the Board of Trustees of the Episcopal Day School is to exercise the authority of the Vestry of the Church of the Good Shepherd in the oversight and operation of the Episcopal Day School.

The Board of Trustees of Episcopal Day School is the institution’s governing body.  A standing committee of the Vestry of The Church of the Good Shepherd with its own rules of organization, the Board of Trustees establishes the policies that guide the strategic, long-term vision of Episcopal Day School and the conduct of its business and financial affairs.  Furthermore, trustees contribute financial resources, each according to his or her capability, in support of EDS and to seek to encourage others to make EDS a philanthropic priority.

2022-2023 Board of Trustees

Mrs. Kristi G. Connell ‘86 – Chair

Mr. James E. Heffner – Vice Chair

Mrs. Carey B. Daniel ‘90 – Secretary

Mr. Joseph A. Norman – Treasurer

Mr. Jonathan P. Adams ‘91

Ms. Catherine B. Boardman

Hon. Patricia W. Booker

Mr. Robert Bovard ‘97

Dr. Niti B. Carlson ‘82

Mr. John D. Cates

Rev. Ted Clarkson ‘70

Mrs. Takiyah Douse

Mrs. Fran F. Hickman

Mr. David E. Hudson

Mr. A. Dennis Trotter ‘92

Mr. Zim Trulock

Mr. Kirby T. Yawn

Ex-Officio Members

Mrs. Whitney F. Walker – President, EDS Parents Association

Dr. David B. Perkinson– Head of School

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