Flowing Wells Campus

Episcopal Day School is blessed to own a second campus, the Flowing Wells Campus, that is used almost daily as a site for hands-on, experiential learning. Located at 1337 Flowing Wells Road, this near 30-acre site is a short bus ride from the Walton Way Campus and provides an exciting change of venue for students and faculty alike.

Since its purchase in the closing days of December 2012, the Flowing Wells Campus (FWC) has become an integral part of the EDS student experience. Even without the benefit of the facilities that are envisioned in the master plan, EDS students and teachers make regular use of the open spaces, woods, and stream for a myriad of lessons to teach and reinforce principles in math, science, engineering, and the arts. Guided in part by the work of Joe Kirstein, EDS’s Boardman Chair of Science and Sustainability, faculty integrate new and increased lesson planning on the FWC each year because of the enormous benefit our students have experienced in just a short time.