The Master Plan

The earliest visions for what was to become the Flowing Wells Campus started with a need for athletic spaces and facilities that the Walton Way Campus simply could not accommodate. That need persists, and a regulation size, multi-purpose turf field is one of the first priorities of the phased development of the campus, behind eliminating the school’s debt associated with the purchase of the property and essential site work. Already in place and in use, the new Jackson Cross Country Course and Trails is a tremendous example of both the need for, and the use of, this campus and its space.

Because we are a teaching and learning community, academic spaces are a necessity. For nearly a century, education around the globe looked very much the same. Over the last ten to fifteen years, though, there has been a dramatic shift in teaching methodologies, aided in part by technology, to allow teachers to personalize instruction for students and to integrate a greater level of hands-on learning. This shift allows teachers to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom  as well as put an emphasis on finding a means for teaching and learning outside of the classroom environment. The academic spaces envisioned on the Flowing Wells Campus, our “Inquiry Village,” will provide increased access and opportunities for both, integrating seamlessly into the curriculum of every grade level for students at EDS. Additionally, as EDS has been blessed with resources afforded to very few institutions, these teaching and learning spaces will be available to other schools and organizations throughout the area, allowing our middle school students to act as docents and guides.

At the very center of the property is a green and community hall, intended for gatherings of all shapes and sizes. As Good Shepherd and EDS have always been centered around faith and community, these gathering spaces will serve as a focal point and an anchor for campus activities of all kinds. We are serious about faith development for all of our students and every member of the community—in whatever form that may take. We believe this happens best in an inclusive atmosphere that encourages the deepening of all faiths. Our faith traditions are important to us, and our students practice them daily in our quest to raise dynamic children with a strong moral compass.

The Flowing Wells Campus will promote the spiritual journey for all members of our community as it brings them closer to each other and to the Creator. This beautiful educational space—a place of missional outreach and connection with our community—is a gift to EDS, the Church of the Good Shepherd, and to the community. A Place to Grow.