The Episcopal Day School is a mission of the Church of the Good Shepherd serving students from two and a half years old through 8th grade.

Our Mission

Episcopal Day School seeks to nurture and educate young minds and hearts, preparing them to lead lives of purpose, integrity, and impact as they navigate the ever-changing complexities of God’s world.


Episcopal Day School was founded in 1944 by the Church of the Good Shepherd as a Christian kindergarten and childcare resource for Augusta mothers working in the war effort. In 1962, EDS was the first area school to integrate a decade before court-ordered desegregation. From 1972 to 1988, EDS offered prekindergarten through seventh grades. In 1988, a Middle School was established with the addition of an eighth grade.

Today, as a co-educational day school, EDS serves three-year-olds through eighth grade. Its goal is to provide an excellent education, within a Christian environment, that will help students to be academically prepared, intellectually curious, socially responsible, and spiritually aware as they enter high school.

Our beautiful Walton Way campus is as familiar to many Augustans as the Church of the Good Shepherd, whose grounds and values we share.

Our Vision

Within a faith-filled, inclusive community, our students will be

  • Academically prepared
  • Individually empowered
  • Intellectually curious
  • Socially responsible
  • Spiritually guided

Our Values

We believe…

  • Each person is uniquely created in the image of God and we are called to recognize, respect, and honor the freedom and dignity of every person.
  • The school, the family, and their faith community are called to work in partnership to encourage all children to discover their God-given gifts.
  • Children learn and develop in many ways, and we are called to creatively nurture the growth of each child in heart, mind, body, and soul as we pursue excellence in academics.
  • Differences are part of God’s creative plan, and we are called to grow into that truth as a school community that seeks to embrace racial, economic, and religious diversity.
  • With Jesus Christ as our center, and by his grace, we may all live lives of wisdom, love, and service for God’s glory.

Our Community

Our mission, vision and values compel us to strive to ensure each member of our community (students, faculty, parents, alumni…) is and feels:

  • Welcomed, connected, and included
  • Known and appreciated
  • Cared-for and well-served
  • Engaged and invested
  • Challenged, supported, and successful