A Special Thanks from Mrs. Folk on This Year’s Enrichment Showcases

As the school year comes to a close, there are so many wonderful events that students and their families can enjoy. The 5th Grade Musical, Grandparents Day, PK performances, portfolio readings, choral events, and many more. It is a joyous time to reflect on and celebrate the accomplishments of our EDS students while showcasing the incredible effort put in all year and experiencing culminating events as a community. One such event is the EDS Enrichment Fine Arts Showcase.
This event takes place each year in May and grows each and every year as more students get involved. This year, the event was split up over the course of 2 nights showcasing visual art, dance, piano, violin, and the brand new EDS band. Students have worked hard all year, and it was a wonderful experience to see them show off their hard work. Great job, students and instructors!

Elise Folk

Fifth & Sixth Grade English & Literature, Auxiliary Programs

EDS Faculty since 2015
B.S., Vanderbilt University
M.Ed., Vanderbilt University
MBA, Augusta University

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