Congratulations to 2019 Yearbook Dedication Recipient, Mr. Joe Kirstein!

Each year, members of the 8th grade class have the privilege of selecting the recipient of our yearbook dedication.

This year’s recipient is Joe Kirstein.


We want to express our sincerest gratitude

To a man with an easygoing, laidback attitude


He’s an awesome teacher and a great man

Because he’s so helpful, he’s earned twenty-eight new fans


He’s the best math teacher and like a father to us all

His Algebra and Science lessons have kept us enthralled


Boiled eggs, Bob Ross, and his favorite band, Coldplay

These are memories we’ll remember forever and a day


He has put up with us for Math and Science two periods a day

We will never forget the large, Kirsteinal figure, Big Ol’ K!


He does push-ups and drinks those shakes to get his daily protein

Our yearbook dedication goes to the one and only Joe Kirstein!

Dana McGill

Sixth and Eighth Grade English & Literature, Humanities Department Coordinator, Middle School Advisor, High School Placement Coordinator

EDS Faculty since 2007; 19 years prior experience
B.S.Ed., University of Georgia
M.Ed., University of Georgia

Alumni Parent

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