Congratulations to EDS 2nd-6th grade Spanish teacher, Sra. Puerta-Quinn, on being named the National AATSP Elementary Spanish Teacher of the Year!

In 2015 Sra. Sonia Puerta-Quinn was named Teacher of the Year by the local chapter of Foreign Language Alliance for International Rapport (FLAIR).

Last year, the Georgia Chapter of the  American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP)  named her teacher of the year for the state of Georgia.

The Georgia Chapter THEN nominated her for National Teacher of the Year.

Sra. Quinn is an experienced and dedicated teacher. She is exceedingly versatile, having taught every grade from second to eighth with equal enthusiasm and success.  Every year, she reviews her results and revises her teaching and curriculum every year, pushing herself to excellence with the same fervor she has for her students’ progress.

As our school’s Spanish Department Coordinator, she keeps track not only of her own teaching areas, but tracks the curricula and expectations of several area high schools to help ensure EDS is doing all it can to prepare students for wherever they land after graduation.

She not only masterfully teaches our students Spanish, but she teaches and celebrates cultural competencies and diversity throughout our community.  Examples include having students perform at the Augusta Hispanic Festival, her  efforts to establish a habit of school-wide morning prayer in Spanish once a week, creating  bilingual signage for our campus, bringing La Tuna and Flamenco dancers to perform, and for organizing “Las Posadas” during Advent

In addition, she is a consummate colleague, actively seeking opportunities to collaborate with other teachers. She is a supportive, sensitive, and generous member of our community who seems to always know when someone needs a kind word – or sweet treat.

She is as dedicated a student as she is a teacher.  Sra. Quinn is persistent about pursuing her own growth as a professional – most recently exemplified by her pursuit of a Masters Degree in the summers in Spain!

She stays fully engaged in the world of language educators, both through organizations such as AATSP and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), but also by creating and sustaining a personal network of fellow Spanish teachers.

Finally, she is simply a good, kind, faithful person. Skilled, engaging, dedicated, inclusive, versatile, compassionate, generous, humble, influential.  These are just some of the qualities Sonia exhibits in her teaching that qualify her as Teacher of the Year. However, by far the most important is her love for children as sacred gifts from God.

For these reasons and more, it is my great honor to publicly announce to you that the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese has named her the National Elementary Teacher of the Year!  Congratulations!

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