Congratulations to our Teachers

Summer Break is a great time to sit back and relax but not for our teachers. As students were enjoying their break, a few of our faculty were hard at work earning new teaching certifications. These certifications will have an immediate and positive impact on the guidance, tools, and techniques these teachers will use on a daily basis.

Please join us in congratulating the teachers below!

Mrs. Kimberly Kirstein, who is the Fifth-Seventh Grade Math teacher, Middle School Advisor, and Math Department Coordinator earned her Apple teacher certification, Ck-12 certification, and became a Google Level 1 Educator.

Mr. Joe Kirstein, who is the Boardman Chair of Science and Sustainability and Eighth Grade Math teacher earned his Ck-12 certification.

Mrs. Charlene Dockery, who teaches Second Grade, earned her Apple teacher certification.

Mrs. Jenny Wilson, who teaches Second Grade, earned her Apple teacher certification and renewed her status as a Seesaw Ambassador.

Mrs. Gwen Snead, who now teaches Third Grade, earned her Apple certification.

Mrs. Miriam Ford, who teaches Fourth Grade, earned her Apple teacher certification.
Mr. Clinton Weaver, who teaches 3rd-8th Grade Music and Choir Director, earned his Apple teacher certification.
Mrs. Gilchrist Phillips, who is our Kindergarten – 1st Grade Reading Specialist, earned her Apple teacher certification.
Mrs. Elise Folk, who is our Director of Auxillary Programs, earned her Apple teacher certification.
Mrs. Janet Hesse, who teaches Kindergarten, earned her Apple teacher certification.
Mrs. Liz Owens, who is our Director of Technology, earned her Apple teacher certification.

Becoming certified as a Google Level 1 Educator starts with “Google for Education.” The title shows how the teacher has mastered Google Tools and has the ability and skill to weave it into the curriculum.

An Apple teacher certification shows a teacher’s ability and skill to use Apple products for different teaching styles within a classroom in order to enhance student learning.

A Seesaw Ambassador is an educator who integrates Seesaw into the classroom. Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio, which hands power over to the students accompanied by the guidance of their teacher.

We thank all of our teachers for all of their hard work this summer. 2018 is going to be a great school year!






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