Cullen and Ann Marie represent EDS at the GISA Spelling Bee!

On January 17, fourth grader, Cullen R., became the school champion in our annual EDS spelling bee, and eighth grader, Ann Marie P., became our first runner-up. On Thursday, February 7, Cullen and Ann Marie moved on to the next level of competition at Memorial Day School in Savannah. The girls represented EDS at the Georgia Independent School Association spelling bee where they competed against students from other independent schools in our region. Cullen and Ann Marie used their word knowledge skills on a 100-word written vocabulary and spelling test. Miriam Ford, Cullen’s fourth grade English teacher, represented the EDS faculty and offered encouragement to both girls.

Congratulations to our P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-A-L spellers! Thanks for representing EDS so well!

Dana McGill

Eighth Grade English & Literature, Humanities Department Coordinator, Middle School Advisor, High School Placement Coordinator

EDS Faculty since 2007; 19 years prior experience
B.S.Ed., University of Georgia
M.Ed., University of Georgia

EDS Alumni Parent

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