Victoria Mundell ’07 Makes a Difference in Peace Corps

Congratulations to Victoria Mundell, daughter of EDS teacher, Bill Mundell and EDS Alumna ’07.  She is currently working at a school called Wisdom in Madagascar. It’s a private Adventist school, with grades ranging from Pre-K to High School. The school is about three hours from the capital city, Antananarivo. She lives in a school compound. Her house has electricity, but no running water. She is in the second year of her service in the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps was started by President Kennedy. Victoria has become fluent in the Malagasy language and she teaches English.

Click here to see more pictures of Victoria’s journey.

For Victoria’s essay titled Water, click here.


William Mundell

7th - 8th Grade History, Middle School Advisor

EDS Faculty since 1990; 6 years prior experience
B.A., University of the Witwatersan
Higher Education Diploma, University of the Witwatersan
B.A., University of South Africa

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