Best Wishes, Mrs. Hogan and Welcome Back, Mrs. Grogan!

I am sad to inform you that our wonderful first grade teacher, Amanda Hogan, will be leaving us at the end of the month. As many of you know, her husband’s career has led him back closer to home in the NY/NJ area, where he has already relocated.

Being the consummate professional that she is, Amanda was willing to stay here as long as we needed her to, while we searched for a suitable substitute. The good news is that we reached out to our recently retired first grade teacher, Kate Grogan, who eagerly accepted our request to take the class for the rest of the year.

If you don’t already know — or know of — Kate, you will quickly come to appreciate her as the master teacher that she is. Prior to her 15 years teaching first grade at EDS, she spent eight years as teacher and reading specialist at Annunciation School in Washington, DC; three years as a teacher at University School of Nashville; and 13 years at Westminster School of Nashville where, at different times, she served as teacher, testing coordinator, director of summer school, faculty evaluator, division head, assistant head for curriculum, and director of admissions.

Kate has already begun occasionally visiting the class so she and the children can get to know each other in order to ensure a smooth transition. She will begin full-time on November 4, and we will find a time later in the month for you to meet and begin to get to know her.

I’m sure you can imagine that this has been a difficult decision for Amanda, who joined us in 2018, because she has loved teaching at EDS (thanks largely to you great parents and your wonderful children!). However, we all know that family must come first. We are incredibly grateful for her and the gift she has been at EDS. I’m sure in the coming days you will join me in expressing gratitude and in praying that she and her family will thrive in this transition.

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