Lower School Teachers Attend The RCA Experience for Professional Development

Teachers, Kelsey Arthur, Miriam Ford, and Gwen Snead, attended the RCA Experience at The Ron Clark Academy in November. RCA is a highly-acclaimed, nonprofit school for 4th through 8th graders in Atlanta. It is known for its methodology that engages students through dynamic, rigorous teaching balanced by manners and character development. During the RCA Experience, the focus is on three pillars of a successful education model: school climate and culture, rigor, and student engagement. Our EDS teachers attended workshops with RCA teachers and leaders to discuss the school’s style and philosophy, and they observed RCA teachers in action with their classes. Our teachers describe The Ron Clark Academy as “Disney World for Teachers,” and they are excited about including the techniques they learned into their own classrooms and sharing their enthusiasm with the rest of the EDS faculty.

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