The Clay Parcel Fence is Complete

The Clay Parcel Fence is Complete

You may recall that in 2007 a small parcel of adjacent land, including the metal eight-bay garage, was give to EDS by the late Mr. Cassius Clay through his estate. When we developed the original plan for the new backyard project, we included some work on this “Clay Parcel” to clean it up and better incorporate it into our existing campus. However, this piece of the project was tabled in cost-cutting sessions.

Thanks to two generous gifts this fall, we now have the funding to complete this project. The Parent Association allocated $13,364 from the wish list to fund half of the original cost estimate, in hopes it would inspire someone(s) to fund the other half. Well, it worked! Father Fain, Rector of the Church of the Good Shepherd, received an anonymous, unsolicited year-end gift of $10,000 to be used at his discretion, and he has generously decided to apply it to this project. To complete the funding, our friends at R.W. Allen have pledged a $3,000 gift.

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