Middle School Clay Target Shooting Team


Who: Students must be 11yrs and older

What: EDS Interscholastic Shooting team. Clay and Target competitions

When: EDS (GISA) Season is from August 1 to December 8. Roughly 16 weeks


  • Each athlete will assume all costs during the season (EDS will provide a team jersey)
  • Gun – prices vary from the $300’s to thousands of dollars
  • PGC has loaner guns available on a first come first serve basis
  • Ammo – $228 (minimum) ○ Practice fee at Pinetucky Gun Range – $235 (minimum)
  • Safety equipment such as eye and ear protection. ○ Tournaments – $320 (minimum)
  • Total minimum cost for practice and meets not including the gun is about $783
    • We will apply for a DNR Ammunition grant that will reduce this cost


  • Students must first take the Hunters Safety Course as required by the Georgia Department of National Resources. (This course can be found online.)
  • Your own legal 12 or 20 gauge shotgun
  • Purchase all ammunition needed for practice and competition
  • All required safety gear. (Eye and ear protection) Location: Pinetucky Gun Club


  • At Pinetucky Gun Club
  • Friday after school from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.


  • Held at many different gun clubs in Georgia
  • The local tournaments are held at Pinetucky Gun Club
  • Saturdays are all day events
  • Thursday usually take a few hours


  • The Interscholastic season runs from August to December
  • In the offseason, (Jan to July) there are other possible tournaments to participate in.


  • Practice once a week at Pinetucky Gun Club (Fridays)
  • Participate in tournaments through early December as the EDS Shooting team (Thursday and Saturdays)


  • Team members will need to be transported to practice by family or friends
  • At no time can team members bring their guns to the campuses of Episcopal Day School


  • We need several parent coaches
  • You will need to take a 16 hour DNR safety course
  • Email Jaye Cohen if you are interested in coaching
  • We will need 1 coach for every 6 shooters

Jaye Cohen

Director of Athletics, Middle School Physical Education

EDS Faculty since 2013; 21 years prior experience
B.A., English Media, High Point University
M.A., Science in Interscholastic Athletic Administration, Ohio University
C.A.A., National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

Alumni Parent

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