Winter 2019 Basketball Fan Expectations

Dear EDS Parents,

We are excited as our winter athletic season has begun and we are gearing up for a full schedule of games and meets.  We encourage EDS parents and students of all ages to attend and cheer our mighty Panthers on to victory. Click here to view the game schedules, as well as receive other athletic information.  Please do check back regularly as athletic schedules are subject to change.

Just a quick reminder of the expectations of all our attendees:

  1. Children must be supervised at all times.

    1. We will be responsible for our athletes, but we need parents’ help by monitoring any siblings and guests in attendance.

    2. Children should not be dropped off unaccompanied unless another parent at the game has agreed to be responsible for them.  

    3. At home basketball games: children should remain in the gym, either on the bleachers or on the stage. If a child is outside in the courtyard, we ask that a parent supervise them to ensure they aren’t causing a disturbance, jumping the hedges, rough-housing, etc.

    4. The Barton Playground and Barfield Courts, and the second floor of the facility are considered closed, so no one should be within these areas.

    5. Additionally, please remind your child that the stage is a crowded area for concessions and watching the game; they should not be running around or playing with props, curtains, etc.


  2. We expect good sportsmanship and respect among spectators, as well as athletes.

    1. Our fans have risen to our high expectations of offering positive cheering and encouragement.  We expect our fans to cheer in support of our team, individual players, and good play.

    2. We ask that fans NOT yell or jeer at or against opposing teams or players. We understand that expressions of the occasional displeasure of a referee’s call are part of the game, but we need to keep them appropriate and to a minimum.

We love the energy and excitement the EDS community can create in support of our Panthers. Please help us maintain a positive, fun, and safe fan experience for all.

Entering the School for a Basketball Event

As part of our security procedures for home athletic events in the gym, only the side gate (facing the Good Shepherd Parish Hall) will be open for community and visitor entrance to gym events.  Visitors to EDS who try to enter through the front office will be redirected to the side gate. Additionally, a security guard will be posted at the side gate to monitor these comings and goings.

EDS parents are welcome to enter events through the side gate with the general public. However, parents are also welcome to enter through the front office and sign in as you normally would to visit campus. If you come to an athletic event but also intend to conduct other business on campus–such as picking up a younger child, meeting with a teacher, etc. –it will be important for you sign in through the front office and get a visitors sticker.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jaye Cohen.

Jaye Cohen

Director of Athletics, Middle School Physical Education

EDS Faculty since 2013; 21 years prior experience
B.A., English Media, High Point University
M.A., Science in Interscholastic Athletic Administration, Ohio University
C.A.A., National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

Alumni Parent

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