Check Out the Godly Play Work

“Excuse me,” said the kindergarten voice with a tone of great importance, “I’m drawing a picture of God.” Once this declaration was made and acknowledged the kindergartner went back to drawing God during Godly Play work time.

In Godly Play, work comes after we have gathered, shared in the story, and wondered about the story. The intent is for work to be a response to the story. If you were to view work time you could see any number of things going on. Some children might be working quietly and independently on art. Some might be working together on art. Children might be using materials from a story they have already heard and be retelling it or recreating the story into their own. At times there will be a quiet hum of work; at other times it is louder and more active. Yet, as children do work such as drawing a picture of God, we can see that work time is important.

Here is a glimpse into some of the work our children have been doing recently…

  • One child created a Prayer Center for the Godly Play room.  It includes a piece of paper with the title “Write something that troubles you” and space for other children to write their prayers. So far the list includes family members, words about wanting to be a better friend, and prayers for things that have caused concern or fear.
  • Another child created a brown paper cross to add to the Prayer Center.
  • Several children have written prayers and drawn pictures of God.
  • One child sat with soft, fuzzy pipe cleaners in hand moving them gently while talking with God and feeling the calmness of the moment.
  • Several children have chosen to take care of our Godly Play room by using the small duster and broom to clean and tidy the room.

Through it all children are engaging in creativity and making meaning from the stories of the Christian faith. They are exploring the mystery of God’s presence in their lives. And they are practicing being a part of a community as they learn to work with others. I wonder what work they will do next?

Alison Wright

Kindergarten - Sixth Grade Religion, Service Learning Coordinator

EDS Faculty since 2017; 18 years prior experience
B.S., Early Childhood Education, University of Georgia
M.A., Christian Education, Asbury Theological Seminary

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