Color Mixer

The class had teams of red, blue, yellow which was designated with each child wearing a (silly) hat with that one color.  We discussed that primary colors are the ones that make up all other colors. I then had them stand in their (color) groups.  We walked around campus and I also pointed to items in the art room. Each time I pointed to a color the children with the color (hat) that made the color I was pointing to, would step forward or raise their hand. The goal was not to just remind them that blue and yellow make green BUT to show them that in that mixture there can be a little bluer or a little more yellow. The quantity of the individual (primary) color can change the tint of the end color. They did a great job and through this activity understood very complex color theories. I was impressed. AND about the hats…one class was convinced they were Mohawks and the other class just knew they were dinosaurs. I loved the diverse interpretation.

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