First Grade Publishing House

First graders have completed their first official writing cycle by writing personal narratives! They brainstormed to think about ideas for their stories. They planned the beginnings, middles, and ends and began to draft them. They edited, revised, and neatly published. Not only are they authors, but they are also illustrators as well! They included detailed, vibrant pictures to match their words. The final piece of the cycle is to publish and share with their peers where they get to sit in a special “share chair” and loudly and proudly read their creation. We even invited a special guest, Mrs. Dye, to attend our share! One student, Bella V., crafted Mrs. Dye’s invitation with an original poem: “Lambs are white. Robots are gray. Would you like to come to publishing day?!” We are looking forward to our next writing cycle where we tackle informational text!


Click here for more photos. 

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