Horrible Happenings for Baby Howard

Well, the Herdmans have really done it this time!  They stole Baby Howard from his stroller while his sister was inside the A&P with Beth Bradley shopping for candy.  Not only did they BABY NAP Howard – they tattooed his big bald head! The Herdmans have been charging children 25 cents to see “The Amazing Tattooed Baby.”  You too can stop by room 101 to see for yourself. Poor, poor Baby Howard. If you want to know more about “the worst children in the history of the world” (aka The Herdmans) just ask a 3rd grader.  They are currently reading all about the Herdman family in the book, The Best School Year Ever.

Nora Norville

Third Grade

EDS Faculty since 2006; 17 years prior experience
B.A., University of South Carolina/Aiken
B.S., University of South Carolina/Aiken


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