Moon Ball and Technological Citizenship



Students kept beach ball afloat while practicing new vocab words.  The vocabulary was pulled from various videos asking the students to be present in our modern world.

We discussed vocab in class before activity and reflected after to share new insights.

Neurons, Synapse, Being Present, Enhance experience, Diminish experience, Clickbait, Browser Bankruptcy, Onetab, Chrome extension, Executive Function, Concentration, Impulse control, Foresight, Problem Solving, Mindfulness, BDNF

Student reflections:

‘I liked it because it was a good way to interact with people and learn things’.

‘I thought it was a weird but fun game. We should do this again in class or in the courtyard.’

‘Even though it was hot, I liked going outside for this class day’.

Ian Chambers

Chair of Cyber Skills and Cyber Safety Curriculum, Seventh and Eighth Grade Spanish, Middle School GenCyber Success, Middle School Advisor

EDS Faculty since 2018; 5 years prior experience
B.A., St. Edwards University
M.A., Texas State University

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