Pablo Picasso Grande Style

Last week in the third grade, Mrs. Breland showed the students three Picasso self-portraits. One was a traditional painting and the other two were showing how he developed into doing cubism. The class spoke about “destructure” and seeing the individual shapes. They each talked about Picasso’s cubist faces, fascinated with the profile of a person and the frontal facing person, and how he merged the two to form one face. Mrs. Breland taught the class about how he did some larger paintings and explained how Picasso sketched out his larger pieces by using a broomstick and/or a yardstick with a brush taped to the end of it. For the students, Mrs. Breland used a ruler with a pencil taped on the end to give them the idea of how it was done. This process also keeps them from working small and trying to do detail. The next step will be to add color.

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