Unity Service Friday, November 2nd!

We join the country and the world in horror over the massacre in Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue on Saturday. The violent deaths of people gathered to worship is as devastating as the demonstrations of support and compassion are moving and encouraging. We have such an opportunity to show our concern and support to our neighbors! We have a strong intentional relationship with the Temple of the Congregation Children of Israel (Walton Way) and their leader, Rabbi Shai, as our 8th graders visit there annually during our study of Judaism in world religions class. Rabbi Shai has also been a speaker at Good Shepherd, and I feel blessed to call him a friend and colleague. He and his congregation have invited us to join them on Friday, November 2 at 7 pm to offer prayers for peace and unity in the face of anti-Semitism – an opportunity to proclaim love in the face of hate. I am grateful for this invitation and I look forward to being there with our neighbors. I hope many EDS faculty and families will be able to join us also. Shalom, my friends.

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