Veterans Day Assembly

Veterans Day Assembly


On Wednesday, November 14, at 8:30 A.M., we will honor our veterans with a special ceremony in the gym. To prepare for this event, please have a family discussion about your relatives who have served or may be currently serving in our country’s military branches: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy. Prior to the assembly, we will have banners for the students to sign to honor each family member who has served in the United States military. Before November 14, please spend some time with your children informing them of their current or past family members who have made sacrifices for our country.

During the assembly, the theme music representing each branch of service will play. We will ask the students to stand to honor their family member(s) when we play the music for that branch of service. While the music is playing, we will also play a video that features actual veterans and current service members.

If you want to feature a family member in the video, please send an electronic copy of the person’s photograph, along with the veteran’s name and branch of service, and your child(ren)’s name to Payton Prather. The deadline for receiving photographs of veterans will be Monday, November 5.

We look forward to a meaningful Veterans Day assembly!

Dana McGill

Eighth Grade English & Literature, Humanities Department Coordinator, Middle School Advisor, High School Placement Coordinator

EDS Faculty since 2007; 19 years prior experience
B.S.Ed., University of Georgia
M.Ed., University of Georgia

EDS Alumni Parent

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