Work of the Week – A Blossoming Artist – Manny G.

Manny G. has blossomed into a wonderful artist. At first, the students worked at the tables but since the tables are big for them, they were easily distracted. That’s when the class tried an activity working on the floor. Magic happened that day. The children’s focus was downward which kept them from being distracted by the children around them. For Manny, it was the perfect way for him to produce his finest, greatest works of art. Over the last few months, I have watched this beautiful boy challenging himself and asserting himself like I had not seen in the past. On one of his pieces he worked so hard on it, he made a hole in the paper. The best part was he was able to laugh about it and say, “I guess that didn’t work out as I had planned.” At the Fall Festival, I displayed that painting of his… hole and all.  Way to go Manny.

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