From the EDS Board of Trustees Chairman

As the current Chairman of the Episcopal Day School Board of Trustees, it is a sincere honor and privilege to update you on the good work that your Board is doing.

Fall and winter have been quite busy as the Board participated in a two day governance workshop. This was not only beneficial for our current Board members, but it is our hope that the information and guidance from consultant John Littleford will provide a template of sorts for future Boards as well.

1:1 computing is also proving to be a wonderful learning method for our students. As you are well aware, EDS was the first school in our area to actually provide a Macbook or iPad to each student in grades 1 – 8.

Planning and design is also working very hard on your behalf. It is my hope that you have had an opportunity to hear from the design group, Wonder by Design. They bring a wealth of experience with regard to conventional classroom learning, unconventional learning, and they paint a picture of the future of education and character development.

In my 35 plus years of being associated with EDS, I have never been more excited than I am today. EDS is on the right path to provide an educational experience that has not been seen in our community to date.

Please know that each and every day, your Board, faculty and staff are working diligently to provide the best education and life skills training available in the CSRA. Thank you for allowing us to serve you and your children.

We are most grateful,
Gray Jackson, Chairman

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