4th Grade Great State Mail Race

EDS 4th graders have been busy researching 31 of the United States in preparation for their March 27 States Fair project presentations.  This year we have added yet another element to our project by participating in the “Great State Mail Race.” Recently, we were  surprised to receive a letter from a 4th Grade class from St. Andrew’s School in Richmond, Virginia.  In their letter the Virginia students included information about their school and explained what the “Great State Mail Race” is all about.  In this race, students across the United States are participating by writing to schools in the 50 states and then challenging them to write back and share information about their school, city, and state.  This tied in perfectly with our annual project, so the EDS 4th graders have each written to a school in the state they are researching.  We chose schools that are similar in size and background to our own school.  Now with our letters going in the mail, the race is on for us as we anticipate many replies to our messages.

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