5th Grade Has a Surprise for Kindergarten!

On Friday morning last week, Mrs. Pierce’s 5th grade class surprised K2 with handmade cards and congratulations after the the latest Sumdog contest. Out of 454 students in 54 different CSRA classes, K2 came in 8th place! Our students were so proud and the fifth graders were a big encouragement to us! 5B came in 5th place and 5A came in 6th place. So Kindergarten congratulated them too!
Three students in Kindergarten placed in the top 50 students, and eight fifth grade students placed in the top 50 also. Congratulations on all the super Math work! (And thank you to the parents who helped their Kindergarteners play at home!)

Janet Hesse


EDS Faculty since 2004; 8 years prior experience
B.S.Ed., University of Pittsburgh

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