Annual Monnig Annual Fund Challenge

Last Friday, in the true spirit of Christmas, the Monnig family issued a challenge to all 4th and 6th grade families who had not made a gift or pledge to the EDS Annual Fund (see the email below) – and that challenge has already inspired three new gifts!  There are several grades close to 100% (8th, 6th, 4th) and overall parent participation is a strong 72%.  Last year we had two grades reach 100% and total parent giving was 84% – both of those benchmarks are still in reach.  I hope the Monnig’s message will inspire other grades on top of 4th and 6th, so please make your pledge or gift today.  Thank you for supporting the Annual Fund!



Dear Fourth and Sixth Grade Families,

For the third year, Harriet and Scott Monnig are issuing a December challenge to the 4th and 6th grade families who haven’t yet made a gift or pledge to the 2015-2016 Annual Fund Campaign.

For every family who gives before the close of business next Friday, December 18th, the Monnigs will match the gift up to $20.  Between the two grades there are 11 families who haven’t participated, so Harriet and Scott could potentially pay $220 more to the Annual Fund (on top of what they’ve already given!).  Gifts of $1, $5, $20, $1,000 (any amount!) are welcomed, encouraged, and appreciated.

Several grades are dangerously close to 100% participation, and the Monnigs would love for one of these two grades to be first!  Remember, pledges made now can be paid any time before June 30, 2016, and count towards participation.  If you are unsure if you have already pledged, please email

The Monnigs’ belief in EDS and their appreciation for the teachers and all they do for the students inspired this annual challenge.  Their hope is that your Annual Fund gift will be made in the same spirit, and grades reaching 100% participation will be honoring the teachers who selflessly give 100% of their effort and love to their students.

Thank you to the Monnigs for this generous enthusiasm for the Annual Fund, and the positive impact its success will have on our teachers and students.  To make a pledge you can email or make a gift on-line at 

Merry Christmas!

Ginger Chew

Director of Development

EDS Faculty since 2022; 22 years prior experience

B.A. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Alumni Parent

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