Apple Week in the 3s


The students in Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Weston’s Threes learned that the letter “A” is for Apple. They learned that Johnny Appleseed was a real American hero and how he helped the settlers that were moving out West by planting apple orchards. We memorized the Johnny Appleseed prayer and the “Way up High in an Apple Tree” song. The classes made their own Apple Dumplings and we drank apple cider. We learned the three colors apples can be and had an apple taste test. We graphed the results and found which apple the students liked the most. The Threes had an apple balancing contest and counted to see who could keep the apple on their head the longest. They had an apple relay race, apple tree yoga and apple passing team work exercise. The students opened an apple store in the classroom complete with a cash register, money and bags. We looked at seeds under a microscope and even planted a seed at EDS. We worked on one to one correspondence with apple seeds and counting. The students had many art projects that supported our apple theme.

A Poem Read by Mrs. Weston’s Class – Video

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