Back Playground Renovation Almost Complete!


One of the last memories students and faculty have of the EDS playground likely contains bulldozers, hard hats, and mounds of dirt. MY HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED!! Thanks to an efficient schedule, good weather, and lots of hard work by RW Allen’s crew, the EDS playground has transformed into a showcase for the school and church.

The beautiful artificial turf field, colorful fall zones under play equipment on the Barton Playground, and first class basketball goals are some of the most striking transformations. However, meticulous attention to drainage and landscaping are details that make the new spaces stunning. Hundreds of new shrubs, trees, ornamental grasses, and sod were planted this summer, and the summer administrative staff has enjoyed showing off progress to campus visitors (all of whom are duly impressed).

The last large piece to fall into place is the synthetic surface on the Barfield Courts, which is due to be poured the week of July 19th. Once that is down and the courts are striped for basketball, volleyball, and four square, the playground will officially be complete.

Anticipating students’ reactions to their new play space and outdoor dining area makes the upcoming school year even more exciting, and just one of several transformational elements awaiting them upon their return! See you in August…

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Ginger Chew

Director of Development

EDS Faculty since 2022; 22 years prior experience

B.A. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Alumni Parent

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