Christmas In September?


In order to study the New Testament in fifth grade religion, we need one very central figure … but his birthday isn’t until December 25 and we have a lot of class time to fill with learning before then. So, it is necessary each year for us to throw an early Christmas party and get Jesus “on the scene” for the upcoming study of miracles, parables, teachings, and so on. Fifth graders know the tale, of course, so they hurriedly work together to correctly assemble the three nativity sets whose stories must be told to the final detail before anyone can enjoy red or green punch and birthday cookies. Then puzzles are solved and games are played – just as one would expect at a nativity celebration. Passers-by must wonder why Christmas carols are blasting out of the classroom on the day after Labor Day, and parents have got to be curious about the star-shaped word search and “manger” sudoku in the backpacks … but now the mystery is revealed. “Jesus is the reason for the season” in fifth grade, and “we wish you a Merry Christmas!”

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