Check Out The New Enrichment Programs That Are Being Offered This Year

Check Out The New Enrichment Programs That Are Being Offered This Year

New Enrichment Opportunity for PK Students
Join coach Zach Carpenter (middle school tennis coach, and Newman Tennis Center coach) for a PK tennis experience. The PK Tennis Club will meet on Thursdays from 1:30-2pm. Students do not need to bring rackets, they will be provided by the coach. Sign up here.

Additional Enrichment Opportunities
This year we are excited to announce some brand new enrichments, as well as our old favorites! We have opportunities for students in all grades. One of our newest enrichment offerings is a Photography enrichment for Middle School Students. This class will focus on using the technology around us (tablets, phones, and computers) to take and edit amazing photos. Building on the photography, students will learn about storytelling through photography. For our Lower School Students we are offering Jr. Robotics where students will learn how to make their lego creations come to life! For our PS students who are interested in science we are offering Mini Einstein’s! Additionally, there is dance, the PK music club, and Ms. Rice’s awesome art classes! Take a look at the selections here, all classes start after labor day!

Mini Einstein’s and Jr. Robotics Enrichment

Due to the nature of these enrichments, these two classes have a mandatory sign up date of Friday 9/8. These classes are lots of fun and are great STEM programs for our LS and PS students. Please check out their website here. And register here.

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