Fall 2014 Enrichment Class Registration is Open Through 8/29

Mary Beth Knauss, Director of Enrichment, is excited to announce a new enrichment opportunity for some of our older EDS students. This fall EDS will participate for the first time ever in a SumoBot League! SumoBot is competitive full-contact robotic wrestling where we will pit warrior against warrior in an autonomous match of wits, mass, and acceleration.  SumoBots are fully autonomous vehicles that must conform to strict design requirements. The creation of a winning SumoBot exposes participants to the full range of STEM education and creative problem solving. Please see the After School Enrichment page of our website for more information.

Elise Folk

Fifth & Sixth Grade English & Literature, Auxiliary Programs

EDS Faculty since 2015
B.S., Vanderbilt University
M.Ed., Vanderbilt University
MBA, Augusta University

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