Fifty Nifty United States


The EDS Fourth Grade States Fair has been an annual event for close to 25 years.  It is a cross-curricular project based on the 4th grade social studies text, States and Regions of the United States, and involves reading, writing, math, music, computer, library, and art classes.  Students begin the research process in January, working through each aspect of the project.  Toward the end of this process, each student decides on a person from their state’s history, or something connected to their state, that interests them.  They then research this person or item and dress to portray them/it for the presentation at their backboard display on States Fair Day.  The learning doesn’t end when States Fair is over.  In the weeks following the fair, the students take turns presenting their state speeches and backboards to their classmates.  In this manner, the knowledge they have gained from their hard work is shared with all the 4th grade students.

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