Finally â?? Annual Fund 2015-2016 Update!


Hopefully upon returning from Winter Break you noticed a change in the red numbers in front of the school – finally! The delay in updating the Annual Fundbanner was due to several factors: Weather (it always seemed to be raining when I was about to update); new gifts (I wanted it to reflect the most current percentages); and hope that at least one class would reach 100% (a few classes are SO close!).

Your support this year is fantastic and EDS is grateful to everyone who has pledged or contributed to the Annual Fund. Overall parent participation is 78%, and there have been several wonderful surprises this year (like a $10,000 anonymous gift!) that will boost our bottom line. Membership in the 1944 Society, our leadership gift level ($1,000 and up), is at an all-time high 75 members and continues to grow each year. The breakdown of each grades’ giving is below, and I’m optimistic and confident that by June 30th at least one grade will reach 100% parent participation. If you’re unsure if you already made a gift or pledge this year, please contact me. If you would like to make a gift on-line or pay your pledge, click here. Annual Fund gifts have an immediate impact on EDS, as they help close the “gap” in our budget between tuition revenue and the actual cost to operate the school. Hence our tag line: “Annual Gift, Daily Difference.”

Thank you again for your continued support, and keep an eye on the red!

8th Grade: 95%
7th Grade: 70%
6th Grade: 93%
5th Grade: 88%
4th Grade: 90%
3rd Grade: 75%
2nd Grade: 90%
1st Grade: 77%
Kindergarten: 72%
Pre-K: 75%
3s and Young 3s: 64%

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