Teens for Jeans

On Monday, November 14th, we will be holding a donation drive to benefit local children in foster care. Students, faculty, and staff may wear jeans to school (students must wear regular uniform shirt and shoes) if they bring a pair of jeans to donate (all sizes appreciated.)
As one of our parents, Judge Pam Doumar says, “…so many of these (foster) children do not have appropriate clothing even in foster care because the state is limited in the funding they provide for clothing in foster care.  Foster parents receive a check from the state for their service but most foster families are hesitant to spend the funds on clothing. Inadequate clothing leads to truancy, bullying, low self-esteem, etc. We have children in the system who wear shoes with the toe cut out so they will fit. Many children tell me they don’t want to go to school because others make fun of their ill-fitting clothing.”
We also have a home basketball game that evening and have invited the fans of the opposing team to participate as well. Anyone bringing a pair of jeans to donate will receive free admission to the game.

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