Kindergarten Trip to Flowing Wells


On Thursday, Nov. 20 both Kindergarten classes traveled to Flowing Wells Road to begin our Science unit on trees. We met with Mrs. Welsh first and she showed us evidence of animal life around the pond.She showed us where a beaver had chewed the bark of a tree. We looked at the roots too. We looked at the pond from the bridge. We had fun looking under our legs to see the top of a tree. The Native Americans did this so they would know that the distance they were standing from the tree was the same as the height of the tree. We stood by a 6 foot pine seedling and wondered how tall it would be when we come back another time. We measured around some huge magnolia tree trunks with string. Each of us collected a bag of different shaped leaves and pieces of bark. We had our snack and played together at the end of our visit. Kindergarten loves trees and the great outdoor space at EDS’ property!

DSC01169 DSC01582 IMG_0010 photo 2 (30)

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