Kindergartenâ??s Adventures in Space

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For three weeks in September, the Kindergarten classes immersed themselves in their Space theme. They learned the differences between stars and planets, interesting facts about each planet, how astronauts landed on the moon,  and how Earth’s rotation causes day and night. It was amazing to see how much they learned and retained!  We made our Earth with paper mache and paint (Thank you to our parent volunteers who didn’t mind getting messy!), we made a delicious space snack, we concocted Space Mud, and we designed rockets with pattern blocks and art materials. One Friday we all went outside and made a scale model of our Solar System. The back gate covered in yellow paper was the sun. We measured the distance to each planet and saw how small each one was compared to the sun. Mercury was a pea. Earth was only a nickel. Jupiter and Saturn were basketballs. Our farthest planet Neptune( a baseball) was all the way at the back fence! Wow, we could barely see the kids holding the Neptune sign! Our theme was a great chance to look at the awesome wonders of God’s creation, and be reminded that we are but a small portion of the universe He made!

Janet Hesse


EDS Faculty since 2004; 8 years prior experience
B.S.Ed., University of Pittsburgh

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