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Everyone at EDS knows about its special Panther mascot, but did you know that fourth graders at EDS have a new special mascot?  For a long time 4th graders in Mrs. Moss’s class have enjoyed a special relationship with a small stuffed dog known as Ruffy and a basketful of nationally recognized AFLAC ducks.

Each time the students in 4th grade attend a co-curricular class, if their group behavior is good, they earn a warm fuzzy reward.  Once the class earns 30 warm fuzzy balls the teachers treat them to some sort of celebration.  Years ago, for some reason, no one can remember exactly why, the students in Mrs. Moss’s class began having what they referred to as the “AFLAC Warm Fuzzy Ceremony.”  When the class helpers would put the warm fuzzy reward in the collection jar they also began squeezing the AFLAC ducks…now almost 20 years later the phenomena continues.  Since Ruffy was born without a voice box, eight years ago the 4th graders remedied that.  Former 4thgrader, Hamp Gibbs, purchased a voice box from “Build a Bear” and recorded his Chihuahua, Taco, barking.   He then brought it to school where Mrs. Moss and the class performed surgery.  Ruffy has been barking ever since.

Most recently the phenomenon took another twist.  On Grandparents Day Carlisle Overstreet’s grandmother, Janet, was visiting the classroom when she noticed the AFLAC ducks.  Mrs. Moss explained their presence and purpose to her.  Janet seemed quite interested and then mysteriously stated, “I think you need another duck.”  She went on to explain that she had some AFLAC connections…

Today Mrs. Moss and the students realized what that connection was when the class was surprised with an unbelievable, giant, three-foot AFLAC duck courtesy of a special grandmother…so the legend grows and lives on!

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