New Enrichments and Augusta University’s Half Marathon

New Enrichments and Augusta University’s Half Marathon 1New Enrichments and Augusta University’s Half Marathon 2New Enrichments and Augusta University’s Half Marathon 3

The Lower School running club finished its first session this weekend by participating in Augusta University’s Half Marathon, Medals for Miles fun run. To complete the Medals for Miles program, students run each week to total 12 miles and then run their final 1.1 miles on Saturday to complete a half marathon.

The runners did great. These runners have trained for 8 weeks, running 1-1.5 miles at a time gearing up for their final 1.1 miles completing a half marathon. Some even finished their last 1.1 miles in 5 minutes. Coach Laura Stubbs was an awesome coach, and she hopes to see all the runners back for Session Two. As a culmination event for Session Two, runners will compete in a full 5K in Aiken.

The third and final session (for the year) of EDS enrichments will begin next week, and spots are still available for many of our enrichment classes. Our enrichments are open to all students at EDS and in the CSRA, not just those enrolled in after school. Enrichments give students the opportunity to participate in an activity beyond the regular school day, working on specific skills and hobbies that are of interest to them. While they have roots in academics, enrichments help train students bodies and minds through the arts, athletics, and STEM activities. Click here for more details to sign up or email Elise Folk for more questions.

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