President Theodore Roosevelt Visits EDS


Thanks to lots of good will and hard work, EDS friend General Perry Smith arranged for Theodore Roosevelt to visit the school — in the form of Sewanee alumnus, Joe Wiegand! “Teddy” visited with EDS lower and middle school students on the morning of Thursday, October 1, and entertained both groups with stories of Colonel Roosevelt’s fascinating life.

Joe Wiegand has been performing as Theodore Roosevelt for over a decade, with performances at the White House and TR’s New York City birthplace. Joe has portrayed Roosevelt on The History Channel’s The Men Who Build America, served as the model for the latest Teddy Roosevelt sculpture at New York City’s American Museum of Natural History, and has a feature role in Wild America, an IMAX movie about our national parks scheduled for release in January.


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  1. Joan Cole Church member/educator

    What an awesome event! He is my favorite president.
    How did you get Joe Wiegand to come to your school?

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