Thanksgiving Food Drive Update


When our Bishop challenged us to “be the reason someone else is thankful this holiday” he certainly brought out the very best in our generous EDS community. The Thanksgiving Food Drive yielded more than 6000 lbs of the food most needed for the Columbia County School Weekend Feeding Program … 1500 lbs more than we’ve ever (on record) donated, and FOUR TIMES our annual average food gift. The pasta, cereal, fruit cups, and more, returned to campus in those classic brown paper bags, will be placed in back packs and sent home each weekend to over 350 children in area elementary and middle schools who rely on the program (and our gifts!) for days when school lunches are not provided. Dave Iverson, Director of the food pantry at Columbia Country Cares, said that “EDS has been collecting for us for many years, but this year’s was overwhelming in the size and amount of much needed food. Thank you!”

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