The 1944 Society


The 1944 Society was established in 2011 to recognize and thank leadership donors ($1,000+) to the Episcopal Day School Annual Fund. Membership has rapidly grown as more families realize the importance of a successful Annual Fund in the life of the school. Each spring, supporters are invited to a cocktail reception given in their honor as a thank you for their generous philanthropy.

An incomplete list of 1944 Society members was published in the Summer 2014 Expressions magazine.  See below for a complete list of our generous supporters.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Franklin Abbott IIIMr. and Mrs. Grady O. Jackson IIIDr. and Mrs. R. Glen Owen
Ms. Lisa T. AckerknechtMr. and Mrs. Anderson B. JonesDr. and Mrs. R. Glen Owen, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. AndersonDr. and Mrs. H. Bradford Jones, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. George A. Patty
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. AndersonMrs. Henry B. JonesMr. and Mrs. Grady Barton Pennington
Dr. and Mrs. William E. Barfield, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. KeenanDr. and Mrs. Edward A. Porubsky
Dr. and Mrs. William E. Barfield., IIIMr. and Mrs. Jefferson B. A. Knox, Sr.Mr. and Mrs. Jack Richardson
The Rev. Dr. Lisa BarrowcloughDr. and Mrs. Arlie Mansberger Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Rice
Dr. Jennifer Boyd BartleyMr. and Mrs. John T. McCollum Mr. and Mrs. J. Haley Roberts, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond O. Barton, IIIMr. and Mrs. Kevin O. McDougalDr. and Mrs. R. Brooks Scurry
Mr. and Mrs. Braye C. BoardmanMr. and Mrs. John McElderryDr. James C. Sherman and
Mr. Clayton P. Boardman IIIMr. and Mrs. G. Locke McKnightDr. Jo Anne Sherman
Mrs. Rufus E. Bohler, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. John McNeillMr. and Mrs. Lowell Walter Smith
Mr. and Mrs. W. Marshall BrownMr. and Mrs. E. G. MeybohmStorey Foundation, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney CarlsonMr. and Mrs. Scott A. MonnigMr. and Mrs. Barry L. Storey
Mr. and Mrs. W. Baxley ChewMr. and Mrs. William S. Morris IVMr. and Mrs. T. Christian Stracke
Mr. and Mrs. William Alexander Clark, Sr.Mr. and Mrs. Ned R. MurrayMr. and Mrs. A. Dennis Trotter
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. DoumarDr. and Mrs. Douglas H. NesbitMr. and Mrs. James B. Trotter
Mr. Thomas M. Dozier, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Cobbs G. NixonDr. and Mrs. T. Barrett Trotter
Mr. and Mrs. Nick W. Evans, Jr.Dr. Kelly P. Norman andDr. and Mrs. William A. Trotter IV
The Rev. and Mrs. Robert D. FainMr. Joseph A. NormanDr. Jennifer E. Tucker and
Dr. Scott E. Forseen andMr. and Mrs. J. Fleming NorvellMr. Lee W. Brigham
Dr. Caralee J. ForseenThe Honorable J. Carlisle OverstreetMr. and Mrs. James S.V. Weston
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Lee HaddockMr. and Mrs. James C. Overstreet, Jr.Ms. R. Ashley Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy L. Haddock


Ginger Chew

Director of Development

EDS Faculty since 2022; 22 years prior experience

B.A. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

EDS Alumni Parent

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