The 2015-2016 EDS Annual Fund Campaign is going strong!



The 2015-2016 EDS Annual Fund Campaign is going strong!  Parents, grandparents, alumni, and parishioners are making a strong statement for EDS with generous gifts and pledges that will make a difference in our school.

Take a look at the numbers on the posters below – have you made a gift or pledge?  All gifts received by December 31, 2015, are tax-deductible for this year.  Pledges made now are payable up to June 30, 2016, but count now towards grade-level participation, so don’t worry about cutting into Christmas funds!  

There are several ways to make a gift or pledge: Make a gift on-line at; fill out a pledge card (you should have just received one in the mail or they are available in the front office); or email your pledge to  If you told your Class Chairman that you would make a gift this year, but didn’t specify an amount, that was not entered as a pledge, so making a pledge with a committed amount is important.

Please contact me with any questions about Annual Fund, your pledge, or your gift.  Thank you for all you do for EDS, and Merry Christmas!


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