The Teddy Bear Parade


The 3s had a great time at our Teddy Bear Parade. The Teddy Bear float is the first homework assignment of the school year. Parents receive simple instructions informing them to use a box and a string. Every year the wide variety of floats with a large array of shapes, designs, and themes amazes us! Each float is different and special, unique like the child. One common thread is present; they are all made with love and pride. The students parade their work around the EDS courtyard through a maze of smiles and waves from the older students. The Threes feel the love and support from Mrs. Barton and all the faculty and staff. They feel special that Ms. Lena, Ms. Lucy and Ms. Betty have taken time in their day to stop and cheer. Around each corner await more waves and positive feedback from students. As we pass, the Kindergarten and PK students remember fondly their own Teddy Bear Parade memories. First grade students volunteer to help us maneuver our floats along the way. As we look up, the upper school students are shouting out encouragement and praise. This is a special moment frozen in time. The Teddy Bear parade has been an Episcopal Day School Tradition for more than 25 years. The end result is that the Threes have the knowledge that this is their school and there will always be kind and caring people cheering them on along the way.

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Lynda Smith


EDS Faculty since 2002; 9 years prior experience
B.A., Augusta College
B.A., Georgia Southern University

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