Dress Down Day Wednesday – Support the Mama Ada Foundation

Lisa And Kenyan Children
The dress down day on Wednesday, April 29 will support the Mama Ada Foundation, a ministry near and dear to Pastor Lisa’s heart. Mama Ada is the matriarch of a community of villages in Kenya, where families work hard on their farms just to eat every day, and where parents, grandparents, and church members do all they can to make sure children get to go to school. Education is publicly funded only through the 8th grade in Kenya, so all high schools are private. Annual tuition of $200 for a day student and $300 for a boarder is more than the majority of families have got, and yet they rightly believe that education will be the way out of poverty for the next generation. Going to school also provides a Kenyan teen with a uniform (likely their first ever pair of shoes!), a healthy meal each day, and a safe and stimulating environment in which to grow up and thrive. The Mama Ada Foundation makes this possible for an increasing number of young people, and it has recently been celebrating with great joy the college graduations of some of its first sponsored students. Pastor Lisa spent some time with the Foundation’s beneficiaries in Kenya in 2011, and she’s always more than happy to talk about the amazing blessing that the trip was for her, and that Mama Ada’s ministry is for so many children. Please, in thanksgiving for the blessing of attending our wonderful school every day, give $2 or more on Thursday to realize the dream of Kenyan boys and girls and their families. Our gifts will change their world! (For more information about the work of the Mama Ada Foundation, speak with Pastor Lisa or visit http://www.mamaadafoundation.org/)

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