The EDS Association

The EDS Association is an active group which works throughout the year to raise funds to provide for those “extras” that make a difference in our children’s experience at EDS. All current parents are considered members of the Association.

The EDS Association meets only four times a year and all parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. Through its fundraisers, the EDS Association funds the school wish list which is developed by the faculty and department heads. This is an invaluable way for our parent body to help the school attain items that weren’t currently planned for but are simply wished for. In addition to wish list items, each year the EDS Association donates a portion of the money towards the endowment and curriculum support.

Get involved at EDS, and have fun working with our wonderful group of volunteers.


2022-23 EDS Association Executive Board

Whitney Walker, President

Samantha DeLappe, Vice President

Liz Trotter, Treasurer

Amy Hagler, Assistant Treasurer

Jane Barrett, Secretary

Angela Hynds, Advisor